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What are the degree requirements for admission to the Mathematics graduate program?
Most of the applicants to this program are expecting the B.S. or B.A. degree to be awarded by their undergraduate institution after admission to this graduate program has been offered. Note that an official transcript documenting the award of an undergraduate degree is required prior to enrollment in the graduate program at Caltech.

What degrees are offered in Mathematics?
Entering graduate students are admitted directly to the Ph.D. program, since the Institute does not offer a regular program in mathematics leading to the master’s degree. A master’s degree may be awarded in exceptional circumstances either as a terminal degree or preliminary to the Ph.D. Sufficiently advanced undergraduates may be admitted to graduate standing to pursue a master’s degree simultaneously with the bachelor’s program.

The recipient of a master’s degree will be expected to take 135 units in advanced mathematics (numbered 110 and higher). Unless the student has placed out of some of them, these must include Math 110, 120, and 151 (the basic courses in analysis, algebra, and geometry). Reading and/or research courses may only be included in this 135 units if approved by the executive officer for mathematics.

The general Institute requirements specify that the recipient of a master’s degree must have taken at least 135 units of graduate work as a graduate student at the Institute, including at least 81 units of advanced graduate work in mathematics. This advanced
work is interpreted as work with a course number greater than 109 and may include a master’s thesis.


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