Departamento de Matematicas
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
October 6, 2000


On behalf of the Department of Mathematics of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, I would like to express our great sorrow following the death of Professor Thomas Wolff. He was one of the greatest analysts of our time and he had a tremendous influence on the mathematics of many of the members of our Department. The development of Analysis in recent years has to a large extent relied upon the new ideas that he introduced. He surprised us many times with very deep theorems that had seemed unreachable before. He was a continuous source of inspiration and we expected him to go on opening new perspectives.

We feel some of his results especially close to us, those that were published in Revista Matematica Iberoamericana. He participated many times in El Escorial Conferences on Fourier Analysis; there, and in his visit to our department, we had the opportunity to learn about new results in his enjoyable talks. We shall miss him very much at every future conference, where he would have undoubtedly played a prominent role.

Please extend our condolences to Professor Wolff's family.


Adolfo Quiros