Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle
by Barry Simon (Caltech)


New Sections Intended for the
Second Edition

I expect to publish a second edition of this book within about five years of publication of the original books. I welcome comments, information about new work, and lists of errors. Typos and Other Errors are discussed on their own page (still under construction!). Here I will post additional sections and major additions to existing sections as they become available.

The new Section 2.5 discusses when one has pointwise convergence of the dual polynomials on the unit circle.

The new Section 2.7 discusses Levinson and Hartman-Wintner Theorems for difference equations and provides an alternate proof of Szego asymptotics.

The new Section 13.3 provides a third proof of the Geronimus relations using the method of canonical moments.


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