Professor of Mathematics



Research Interests

Foundations of mathematics; mathematical logic and set theory; their interactions with analysis, dynamical systems and combinatorics. Recent projects include the study of foundational and set theoretic questions, and the application of the methodology and results of descriptive set theory, in classical real analysis, harmonic analysis, dynamical systems (especially ergodic theory and topological dynamics), model theory, and combinatorics.


Spring: Ma/CS 6c, Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

Selected Publications

Ben Miller's web page:

RTG Logic Meetings at Caltech

Logic in Southern California 2015-16: February 20, 2016

Logic in Southern California 2014-15: March 7, 2015

Logic in Southern California 2013-2014: March 8, 2014

Logic in Southern California 2012-13:  November 17, 2012

Logic in Southern California 2011-12:  February 18, 2012

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