Spectral Theory and Mathematical Physics
A Conference in Honor of Barry Simon's 60th Birthday

Monday, March 27 – Friday, March 31, 2006
Ramo Auditorium
California Institute of Technology




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The conference aims to bring together scholars from around the world for fruitful scientific exchange in a broad range of areas reflecting Barry Simon’s scientific interests over the years  in Mathematical Physics and Analysis.


Confirmed Speakers

Michael Aizenman (Princeton University)
Yosi Avron (Technion, Haifa)
Alexei Borodin (Caltech, Pasadena)
Jean Bourgain (IAS, Princeton)
David Damanik (Caltech, Pasadena)
E. Brian Davies (King's College, London)
Percy Deift (Courant Institute, New York)
Laszlo Erdös (University of Munich)
Charles Fefferman (Princeton University)
Richard Froese (UBC, Vancouver)
Jürg Fröhlich (ETH-Zürich)
Christian Gerard (Université de Paris Sud, Orsay)
Leonid Golinskii (Institute of Low Temperatures, Kharkov)
Gian Michele Graf (ETH-Zürich)
George Hagedorn (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg)
Evans Harrell (Georgia Tech, Atlanta)
Ira Herbst (University of Virginia, Charlottesville)
Dirk Hundertmark (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Vojkan Jaksic (McGill University, Montreal)
Svetlana Jitomirskaya (UC Irvine)
Sergey Khrushchev (Atilim University, Ankara)
Rowan Killip (UCLA)
Alexander Kiselev (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Yoram Last (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Peter Perry (University of Kentucky, Lexington)
William Reinhardt (University of Washington, Seattle)
Lon Rosen (UBC, Vancouver)
Wilhelm Schlag (Caltech, Pasadena)
Vilmos Totik (USF, Tampa; Bolyai Institute, University of Szeged)

Conference Lectures will present mainly surveys of broad areas in mathematical physics and analysis. In particular, the conference is organized around a topic of the day with survey talks of some of Barry Simon's work and typically several lectures on the state of the art of various aspects of the principal subject on each day. The topics are distributed as follows: 

Monday:  Quantum Field Theory, Statistical Mechanics, and Random Matrix Theory
Tuesday:  General Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics, including N-Body Systems and Resonances
Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics in Electric and Magnetic Fields; Semi-Classical Limit
Singular Continuous Spectrum, Random and Ergodic Schrödinger Operators
Orthogonal Polynomials; Non-Selfadjoint Spectral Theory

Poster Session.  In order to insure adequate space for posters, please inform Cherie Galvez by March 20 of your intention to present a poster. If there are too many posters suggested, we may limit the days on which a given poster is shown.

Festschrift.  Preliminary agreement with the AMS has been reached to publish a collection of survey articles on a wide array of areas close to Barry Simon's research interests in their series "Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics."

Sponsors.  Caltech's Center for the Mathematics of Information; Caltech's Division of Physics, Mathematics, and AstronomyInternational Association of Mathematical Physics; International Union of Pure and Applied Physics; National Science Foundation 


We look forward to seeing you in Pasadena.




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